Top 5 amazing ways of making money from home
Top 5 amazing ways of making money from home

Hello and welcome to my new blog series. These blogs will be focused on answering your questions as directly as possible without unnecessary write ups.

Below lists were put together after extensive research and communication with entrepreneurs and individuals running their small businesses from home.

So here we go, top 5 amazing ways of making money from home

1. Sell unwanted items online. Now am going to ask you to please take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule just to walk round your home. How many unused/unwanted items did you come across? How about your closet? Do you perhaps have clothes, shoes, bags you no longer have need for? Why hold on to these items for decoration when you can sell them to people who are desperately in need for them? There are a lot of platforms out there like Ebay, Etsy, Facebook marketplace you can easily sell these items at.

2. Leverage your skills. You may not realise this but there are many people out there in need of your expertise. Are you a native English speaker? Do you speak Chinese or any other in demand foreign language? You could become a language tutor. You could post your service on platforms like Firmxxperts.com or similar service-based marketplaces. Think about your skills set which could be anything from creative writing to playing the guitar or healthy eating tips. You can leverage and sell these skills

3. Start a blog. Are you a creative writer or passionate about something you feel there is an audience for? If yes, then you’ve got something. You can start a WordPress blog for free, write about any topic of interest. The main thing with blogs is consistency.

4.Social media account manager. This is something you can do from your phone. This is perfect for people who are up to date with social media trend and do not mind spending hours daily on social media. You might be doing this already, why not get paid while doing it?

5. Lunch a podcast. This is very similar to blogging but instead of writing you will be doing a lot of talking. Wondering what to talk about? Focus on your interests or current world events and trends (Current affairs and trends is always a winner)

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