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As if we were not already feeling the pinch from the recent drastic increase in cost of goods and services, we lost the electricity and gas price cap protection on the first of April 2022 which lead to an increase to energy cost. If you are a fed us as I am then you would have been looking at tips to cutting cost of keeping your house worn and keeping food on your plate.

We have put together some tips we hope will hep you better understand how some of the appliances in your house work and its relativity to your electricity and gas bill.

Electric cooker: This is one of the most expensive homehold appliances to run. An electric cooker, running at 3.3kWh for just 30 minutes a day will run up costs of £90 per year. Using a microwave for 10 minutes a day, on the other hand, will cost just £3 per year.

Kettle: If you boil a full kettle of water for 10 minutes a day it’ll cost you £30 per year. One third of a kettle at 10 minutes a day will cost you £10 a year, so the answer is obvious – only boil the amount of water you need.

Laptop: Running a laptop using 50watts for 8 hours per day will cost you 10.94p per day

How to calculate cost of running you’re appliance.

Take a 150-watt fridge and an energy unit cost of 12.5 p/kWh. The fridge runs 24 hours per day.

150W = 0.15kW
0.15 kW x 24 hours = 3.6 kWh
3.6 kWh x 27.35p = 98.46p per day

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