-Low commission rate (10%; to cover cost of operation)

-Not Saturated (Unlike other platforms, we focus on quality freelancers)

Automatic payments (Twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Our top seller from last month made over $3000 in sales

-Save time (We are all about delivering for our freelancers and brands)

-Community platform (Join the linkedin group to see what others are talking about)

As freelancers we understand the competitive nature of the industry and how independent freelancers like me and you loose contracts to big companies.

Useful tip and tricks to increase your sales with Firmxxperts

-Listings with images get more sales
-Include as much details as possible to your listings to attract customers
-If your service is way too expensive, you wont get a lot of sales
-You can add multiple listings

Who are we and why 1500+ freelancers have signed up?

Firmxxperts is a freelancing platform that was created by groups of freelancers specifically for freelancers. We came up with this concept as we realised other platforms out there have become expensive to use, saturated, difficult to access and extremely competitive.

Our promise to you:

We will work extremely hard at getting contractors and project managers to patronise our freelancers

We guarantee project bidding process will always be free and fair

We guarantee advertising your expertise and skills will always be free of charge

We will always prioritise independent freelancers to companies

Tutorial video on how to list your freelancing services on Firmxxperts


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