You may think that we are biased here but if you are willing to keep reading for just 1 minute, we believe you will come to the same conclusion as us. Lunched in January 2023, Firmxxperts has already gained thousands of users using the platform and has also had multiple features withing the marketplace community. Firmxxperts recently lunched a new campaign to recruit more freelancers from the UK so you know the quality of servicer rendered through this platform will be top notch. A number of the businesses and individuals hiring from Firmxxperts are also UK based.



This is another UK based freelancing platform that has been around for sometime. Just as Firmxxperts, Malt equally has thousands of freelancers signed up and also has offices in a number of European countries. Malt is available in multiple languages and also accepts payments in multiple currencies which simplifies declaration of income especially for freelancers outside of the UK.


3. Fiverr.com

This goes without saying. Fiverr is without any doubt the biggest freelancing platform in the words. Fiverr only comes 3rd in our list due to the physical location of majority of its freelancers. Most freelancers on Fiverr are from third word countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. With that being said, Fiverr has millions of users worldwide


4. Freelancer.com

Similar to Fiverr, Freelancer has millions of users. Freelancers have the opportunity to get seen by individuals and project managers directly. The main difference between freelancer and Fiverr , is that Freelancer uses a bidding system. Project managers that advertise their projects with freelancers trying to outbid each other for the project.


There you have it. List of Best Freelancer Websites Uk. Feel free to add to the list in the comment section


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